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B2B Content & Copywriting

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All portfolio samples, including images and text, are the copyright and/or trademark of the respective owners. 

CA-based Creative Agency | Landing Page Copy

A creative agency based in Northern California needed copy for several services pages. Working collaboratively with the client and relying on performance data to drive decisions around page structure and information architecture, I provided copy optimized for lead generation and organic search visibility. 

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Facilities Management Software & Solutions Provider | SEO Blog Content

A facilities management software provider needed blog content that targeted competitive industry keywords including "smart building" and "smart building technology." This blog post was designed to boost the brand's overall organic visibility and drive qualified traffic to the blog.

Titled "7 Smart Building Technologies Needed to Bring Facilities into the Future," the post has consistently maintained a top-five position in siteviews on the client's blog since its publication date in June, 2019. The blog also got the client ranking #2 on the SERPs for "smart building technology," a highly-searched keyword.

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Data Discovery Software Provider | SEO Website Copy

This data discovery and remediation solutions provider needed SEO-focused landing page content for several pages outlining some of the most common (national and international) data security compliance regulations, including GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, and several others.

The client wanted these pages to rank well for popular search terms related to each of these compliance acts and corresponding legislation. The goal was to attract prospects towards the top of the sales funnel, familiarizing them with the client's brand while providing valuable information about new and changing data compliance mandates.

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HCRM Software Provider | SEO Blog Content

A well-known healthcare marketing software and solutions provider wanted to improve their rankings for several competitive industry keywords including "hospital marketing," "healthcare marketing trends," and "medical marketing trends." As content strategy lead, I developed the blog topic, keyword targets, and produced the content.

I performed in-depth SERP analysis prior to drafting. The post was published on July 18, 2019. By August 2019, it was already ranking in the 20th position for "hospital marketing." By December, it was ranking #2, moving up to the #1 position in March 2020.

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