You're missing the point.

Good writing does more than sell.


It tells a story. It invokes a memory. It inspires your customers to take action.


Whether that’s a story about cybersecurity algorithms or a story about protecting your loved ones – well, that’s up to you. 

What's your story?

My Philosophy

My name is Emily. I'm a freelance writer and content marketing expert with a different approach. 

I write digital content for humans, not algorithms. That's because I believe that even search engines recognize and reward high quality prose. Of course, it's not the search engines you're trying to impress – it's your customers. And to keep them on the hook, you need to build a unique voice for your brand that's as convincing as it is relatable. 

Today, content marketing entails far more than the frequent distribution of semi-useful, keyword-targeted information. You still want to provide your visitors with material that's helpful and relevant to your value proposition – but if that content is as boring as the wallpaper in your great-grandmother's living room, it's not going to win anyone over (besides, maybe, your great-grandmother).


After years of compounding cynicism (brought on by the vast quantity of repetitive, error-ridden webpages I encountered when conducting research for clients), I decided to take a different approach to content development. It's an approach that puts your brand's core values back at the center of every blog post, product description, and social media headline. The end goal? Reintroducing the human element to digital marketing, where compelling narratives are prioritized over pop-up windows or gimmicky CTAs. 


And guess what? It works. Cynicism (mostly) cured. 

My Services

Content Strategy

Stop producing content without a plan or purpose. I'll tailor a custom content strategy that wins leads and increases traffic.

Search Engine Optimization

Get your website on the front page of your target SERPs and increase organic traffic with on-page SEO recommendations. 


The money-maker. Put some personality back on your website with copy that's guaranteed to grab your customers' attention.


Need a little help with tone, sentence structure, or voice?Want to spice up some existing website content or fact-check a blog? I can help. 

Varied Expertise