About Me

My Name is Emily. 

I'm a writer and marketing professional specializing in B2B content strategy and SEO. 

Originally from rural Connecticut, I'm a Boston-based freelancer with a knack for helping brands create content that their customers actually want to read

I graduated from Hobart and William Smith Colleges with an English degree in 2015. My freelance career, however, started back in 2012 with a summer internship at a local publishing company. I wrote 75-word "thumbnail" ads for plumbers, gardening centers, veterinarians, and restaurants. I loved every minute of it. 

Since that internship, I've been hooked on copy. And, for the past 8 years, I've been privileged to to work with businesses across a wide array of industries creating clean, effective copy and marketing content that captures their audiences' (short-lived) attention spans.


From cybersecurity solutions providers to gourmet foods wholesalers and Fortune 500 retailers, my work has been featured on websites and in advertisements viewed around the globe. 

More recently, I discovered my niche: Crafting content and sales collateral for B2B technology companies.


Specifically, content that speaks to a carefully-researched set of target personas whose habits, concerns, desires, and daily lives become a core focus of the bigger-picture content strategy. 

The content roadmaps and deliverables I provide to clients are layered with a real-time approach to SEO. Google changes constantly, after all – yet very few so-called "SEO Growth Hackers" stay up-to-date on algorithm updates or take a data-driven approach to content creation. 


My goal is to make digital content work harder for my clients, increasing organic traffic, generating qualified leads, and improving rankings for the keywords that actually matter. 

Let's put an end to boring, error-ridden, so-repetitive-you-suspect-plagiarism blog content and equally unenthusiastic landing pages. I can't wait to help you tell a better version of your brand's story.